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Chris provided me with an invaluable and decisive advantage when I succeeded at an interview. He quickly understood my needs and tailored his approach with maximum efficiency.

Oliver, B., Actuary, Legal & General

Chris’s coaching was tremendously sincere and reliable and I found it very easy to trust and confide in him. Our sessions helped me acknowledge my strengths and leverage them to my benefit in my daily life.

Elijah, H., Associate in Business Intelligence Services, Deloitte

In preparation for a TV interview, Chris and I worked on my body language and physicality enabling me to be more convincing and confident. He was very committed and understood my needs and the needs for that specific situation.

Chloe, G., Life-Coach and Hypnotherapist

I approached Chris in anticipation of a difficult conversation at work. He asked a lot of tough questions, allowing me to see the other side of the table and used role play to lay the groundwork from which I was able to act and react as I decided to see fit. During that conversation, I was quickly able to adjust and remained calm and assertive. Our work helped me professionally and emotionally.

Victoria D., Pre-Sales, Reuters

Chris designed his sessions using an individually tailored approach drawing on my personal vocal characteristics. He challenged my abilities, created a common thread throughout the sessions and brought a wealth of exercises. His open and attentive manner created a safe and relaxed atmosphere to try out new things and to push the boundaries of the voice.

Karen, F., Analyst, OECD Vienna

Chris and I built a trusting relationship and he managed a very delicate balancing act between pushing me to overcome roadblocks on the one hand and supporting me on the other. The insights I gained in our sessions produced touchstones I have been able to rely on since when dealing with potentially stressful situations. Overall, the quality and the depth of the work we did together reflect Chris’s patience and dedication, as well as the extraordinary quality of his listening. Chris did not just support me through a difficult time, he also allowed me to acquire valuable insights and tools to navigate through the challenges that still lie ahead.

Jennifer, A., Lloyds Bank, London

I felt that Chris understood me and his questions provided food for thought. Our strategies allowed me to take action effectively and with resolve in a very short time. Chris helped me manage my time in a way that allowed me to pay attention again to things that really mattered to me.

Gabriel, T., Sales Manager, Gray & Co.

In our coaching sessions, I greatly valued the clear and structured approach of defining the issue at hand and the constructive method in which Chris supported me in identifying the path to a possible solution. The coaching sessions made me rediscover the importance of listening, of understanding personal motivations of my team members and empowering them.

Allison, G., Industrial Alliance Manager, FTW Vienna

Chris helped me deal with the stress of an exam situation and the pressure of needing to succeed. His techniques gave me room to breathe, which enabled me to face the exam with relaxed confidence.

Sophia, D. PhD, Medical University Vienna